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On the nonvanishing curl of the response on the dogecoin price

In this short article, I study the response on the change in dogecoin price. The curl of this response is nonvanishing and leaves little room for speculation about the direction of the dogecoin.
During the short history of dogecoin and cryptocurrencies in general, the market value of these currencies have proven to be unstable in comparison to fiat currencies. Lately, the dogecoin value with respect to the bitcoin value has dropped significantly. The dogecoin community has responded heavily to these changes. Earlier, when dogecoin rose in price, the community also responded heavily.
When the dogecoin price rises, it is found that the community reacts positively with comments including but not restricted to: 'To the moon'. Taking into account symmetry considerations, one might expect that during a price drop, comments are negatively charged or might at least contain phrases as: 'Away from the moon'. However, careful study of multiple sources (citation needed) results in a quite different conclusion. Upon price drops, the community responds with positivity and phrases including a certain orbiting planetoid and moving towards it.
Now I would like to introduce a certain gedankenexperiment. During this experiment the price of dogecoin first increases by 10 percent, and subsequently decreases by 10 percent, resulting in the original value. The amount of happiness in the dogecoin community, judging from reponses during the price increase, is increasing. Then during the price drop, the amount of happiness in the dogecoin community, also judging from the responses also increases.
This leads to a staggering conclusion. Even though the price stays the same overall, the happiness of this community backing dogecoin can increase. The consequences of this conclusion are clear. If happiness can be created from an infinitecimal fluctuation in dogecoin price, the only direction in which dogecoin and its community can move, is upwards. I therefore expect that this community and dogecoin will end up on a certain planetoid in high orbit, or beyond it.
edit: This research was funded by Moonminer1, a device that seems to generate coins from nothing using only computing power.
edit2: I am willing to answer any questions you might still have about this research or clarify my analysis
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