Who Accepts Bitcoins in 2020? List of 20+ Major Companies

The banks know this too, that's why they try to make vendors who accept Bitcoin stop or they threaten to not allow you the "privilege" of paying high rates and charge backs. I can't even count how many times I've had my livelihood threatened by Visa/MasterCard and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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As a vendor who accepts bitcoins, I am very happy how well bitcoin black friday turned out.

I own my own business (www.ecigfrenzy.com) and sell electronic cigarettes. Today I did almost all of my own Christmas shopping and made the best attempts to purchase from vendors accepting bitcoins. I bought a lot of stuff for myself as well as my family and friends such as a 3d printer, dash cams, cell phones.. ALL with bitcoins! At the end of the day I added up all the sales my business had in bitcoins and compared it to how much I spent... and it was about equal!
It just blows my mind to know that there is a REAL economy here and not just an "investment portfolio based on speculation". I'm going to receive actual physical items from this digital currency in exchange for actual physical items I'm giving to others for this digital currency... its crazy... Bitcoin is the real deal and I'm glad I'm involved!!
Happy shopping everyone! hope you got some steals today!
p.s. my sales are valid untill Cyber Monday if you're interested :P
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Any vendors who accept bitcoin?

Also, im looking for oyster and cubensis syringes. Anyone have both for sale?
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CBD isolate vendors who accept bitcoin?

I am looking for CBD isolate vendors who accept bitcoin, even if the transaction needs to be done manually. I am aware of e-transfer but not looking into that, only bitcoin or prepaid CC. Any suggestions?
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List of vendors who accept bitcoin?

Is there any list of vendors who accept bitcoin? Would love to take advantage of some extra coins I have sitting around for these cyber Monday deals. Thanks.
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Vendors who accept bitcoin

Anyone know of any vendors that accept bitcoin? I promise I’m not lazy, I have looked for myself but haven’t found any so far. Just wondering if I’m missing the obvious somewhere (wouldn’t be the first time).
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Can anybody recommend a vendor who accepts bitcoin? /r/kratom

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: CBD isolate vendors who accept bitcoin? /r/CanadianMOMs

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Current List Of USA Online Vendors Who Accept Bitcoins?

I am looking for a current list of USA based online vendors who accept bitcoins. My searching finds many old things, nothing recent.
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A subreddit where for vendors who accept bitcoin can discuss it

I'm sure I've seen this before but I can't find any trace of it now?
Just somewhere to discuss the best ways to accept, offer help setting up, discuss challenges, etc
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Coin Map - A map of vendors who accept Bitcoin and Litecoin!

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Vendors who accept Bitcoin?

I have been using Bitcoin for going-on two years now. Considering I have a few in my wallet and BTC v. USD just reached an all-time high of $32, I was wondering if anyone knew of a eCig vendor who acepts BTC.
I mean, it's the only payment system that is 100% free to accept. No transaction fees like VISA/MC/AMEX/ETC, low exchange fees, if any. I've never spent any actual money on BTC -- I've only ever mined. Just food for thought for existing vendors!
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: List of vendors who accept bitcoin? /r/electronic_cigarette

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Any full lists of vendors who accept bitcoin?

Food trucks, grocers, restaurants, anything food related in town. Any decent lists of businesses who accept bitcoin?
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An apology to abc317030316

Wow just realized what I goof I made.
Yep I was up late and made a gleaming error.
After sending the amazon card its claim code and receipt in a picture to this seller I believe at this point I was supposed to press the “paid button”.
I know this probably like ridiculously simple protocol to most of you, I literally just didn’t have the protocol down and wanted trade the card and go to freakin bed.
(I was attempting get access some christmas specials with vendor who accept bitcoin, so was likely tired and rushing the process)
I kept asking the seller if all was good. I admittedly didn’t know what I was doing.
I thought after showing my claim code and receipt that they now had the ball in their court and it was expected that I was now supposed to get sent bitcoin.
I thought paid meant to confirm that “i” was in fact now paid the bitcoin lol. Thats what being a newb on top of sleep deprivation does.
I think I unknowingly coin locked as a result of my misunderstanding? (am i using this term correctly?)
I just barely learned that term, I just wanted to trade the card. Literally was not trying to be clever or withholding at all.
Would be nice if the seller could have helped a little, I kept saying I was a beginner and didn’t know what to do next.
If I could reopen the transaction I would actually apologize to the seller and ask nicely to please either return the card or allow me to reopen a transaction.
Allow me to actually press the paid button and receive the bitcoin this next go round. I checked with amazon support, the card I bought was infact claimed by this seller.
So in actuality she/he was paid. Again I just goofed in protocol by not then clicking the paid button. Now that doesn’t mean its ok to keep the card and still not ever send me the equal trade of the bitcoin.
abc317030316 if your out there can you please just reopen this transaction? And why didn’t you respond back when I asked what to do next?
I could be wrong so forgive my ignorance,
I just wanna say that even if someone is inexperienced, if you then think that makes it ok to run with someones card and not making any effort to contact them then you have no integrity.
But I could be totally wrong about that, and wrong about you too.
So I must actually say I am sorry for even having that notion, I just want to make up for the error and do it right.
I am not actually saying that you don’t have integrity.
I just want us to resolve this.
If we can just somehow reopen this transaction and/or have the 114/card refunded, awesome.
Carlos if you can help me with this I would humbly ask you to do so please. I do not think this is Paxful’s fault and I jumped to assumptions improperly.
(Also its actually funny how one’s ignorance in protocol can actually have people thinking you trying to be slick and scam them lol, maybe my seller thought that who knows)
I do think there are actual scammers on paxful for sure, but I made the error here by not clicking paid.
If I am in any misunderstanding about my having made an error, or if there is any way to resolve this without any finger pointing and with forgiveness and integrity then please lets do this.
I have been reading about paxful for quite a while.
Plus I had been investing in doing paxful for a while, had a very busy holiday without much sleep.
So when I finally take the plunge after preparing for it and then to miss out on getting started was ridiculous.
I promise I wasn’t trying to scam you dude I just messed up on protocol.
Again shout out to carlos and abc317030316, please help me redo this. Thank you and be blessed,
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Beyond all the buzzwords, is the Lightning Network essentially a bitcoin pegged altcoin?

Seems like it but my understanding might not be right.
With the lightning network:
SO, assuming the above is right:
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Bitcoin Vendor

Does anyone have a list of Canadian vendors who accept bitcoin?
Not to sure if this is against the new rules to if it is, if you could pm me.
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How to use your BTC right now, and prepare for being a Lightning Network user at the same time!

Right now fees are high on the Bitcoin blockchain, which does mean that the way it had been used in the past (with users not needing to really be aware of the fee pool) isn't viable right now. It's a learning curve to manage, but that doesn't mean you can't use your bitcoins right now.
Bitcoin is a paradigm shift in many ways, and one of the things that the high-fee situation has caused (and at least the early days of Lightning Network adoption will perpetuate) is planning ahead.
In my daily life, my kiddo's school participates in the SCRIP program, where if you buy gift cards through the school, you as the buyer pay face value of the card ($100 gets you a $100 gift card), but the school gets some small (usually 1-5%) kickback from the vendor. So, to take advantage of this, for a while now, I've been buying gas station gift cards through that program. Gassing up my car is something that I know I'm going to do each month, and from my various budgeting tools, I know about the ballpark of how much I'm going to spend on gas each month. Before using the SCRIP program, I would pay with a credit card at the gas pump throughout the month, and at the end of the month, pay for the gas by paying off the credit card. To switch to using the SCRIP program, at the beginning of the month I order the gas station gift cards through SCRIP, and then throughout the month, use those cards until they were empty (which should be about the end of the month, when I'm about to buy more). The key change is switching the payment from the end of the month to the beginning; pre-paying for the thing, which requires requires planning ahead to know how much to get (too much and you're wasting money locking it up in gift cards to a vendor you won't use that much up at. Too little and you'll run out before month's end).
If you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, this will be a big change to make. And I know that's been traditionally a more common way people's finances (at least here in the US) have gone; put everything on a credit card, then pay off the card (hopefully all of it) at the end of the month.
One other place where people can learn these sort of reflexes in the existing financial industry is Flex-savings accounts for healthcare costs. Those sorts of programs let you have funds available tax-free for health-related expenses, but you need to pre-allocate how much you're going to spend on health-related things.
So, how does that relate to Bitcoin and the future Lightning Network? Bitcoin fees are purely based on how fast you need the transaction to be verified, not how big the transaction is (that's not new; that's always been the case). So, now that the fees are high, the economical thing to do as a consumer is to pay larger amounts, less frequently ($10 fee on a $10 transaction ($20 total; fee is 100% of transacted amount) is not viable. $10 fee on a $500 transaction ($510 total; fee is 2% of transacted amount) is still not ideal, but at least functional). Many vendors who accept Bitcoin as payment allow you to use bitcoin to get "in store credit" at that vendor. So, plan ahead for what you want to do at that vendor in the next month/quarter and pre-fill your credit there.
For example, I use NameCheap for my domain registrations, and they accept bitcoin as the means to add to the "funds" credit on your account. Domain registrations expire at known dates, so I can plan out for the year ahead in what months I'll be needing more funds for domain registrations. This past week I deposited enough funds to cover my Q1 expenses there, paying a low fee such that it confirmed in four days, and then I used those funds to renew my domains.
Another way to do this is through Gyft/eGifter services. If you know you spend $100 monthly at Starbucks, you can get a $100 Starbucks card through one of those services at the beginning of the month, and then use it throughout the month. This ends up being very similar to the SCRIP setup I described too. If you use many vendors that Gyft/eGifter sell cards for, but not in high value for each of them (like, you spend $25/month each at Starbucks, Dominos, Dunkin' Donuts and Panera), instead of buying multiple little gift cards, get one big "eGifter Choice Card" or a "Gyft Card" to buy credit at eGifter or Gyft respectively and then use that "in store credit" to buy the smaller gift cards.
The Purse.io site allows you to do the same thing with Amazon.com purchases. You can deposit a lump sum of bitcoins into your Purse wallet, and then request the various things you need from Amazon through their interface.
Those are ways you can use your bitcoins now, with just some changes to the way you approach/plan your spending, but why do all that pre-planning effort? Well, learning how to pre-plan and pre-pay like that will be very useful in the near future, since that's what the early days of the Lightning Network will be like. To use payment channels to pay a merchant, you as the buyer need to have the funds on-hand to open the channel (before you make the purchase), rather than making the purchase and then paying for it.
Opening and closing a payment channel will be transactions on the main blockchain, and will have to compete on the fee market that's currently there. So ideally you'd not want to be opening and closing payment channels frequently. So, this same idea of pre-paying applies. The moment your favorite coffee shop starts accepting Lightning Network transactions, you can open a payment channel to them, but in doing so, you have to lock up some funds into that channel, which can only be spent at that coffee shop (I'm neglecting the "network" part of the Lightning Network here, assuming it will take time to grow), so it's just like buying "in store credit" at that shop. To be useful to you as a consumer, you'll have to pre-plan how much you'll be spending at that vendor monthly/quarterly. If you guess too high, you'll have funds locked up needlessly (though hopefully you could spend them through the Network part of the Lightning Network as it grows, so that's a benefit of locking funds into a payment channel versus locking them up in a Gyft/eGifter gift card). Guess too low, and you'll have to close the channel and open a new one more frequently, paying more on-chain transaction fees for it.
So, I'm looking forward to the growth of the Lightning Network, and accepting the fact that it is yet another paradigm shift, which means to me as a user, I will have a learning curve, and it will take different actions on my part to be part of something that's radically different from the previous systems.
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For those who have tried to get local vendors to accept Bitcoin Cash, what have been the reasons for the ones that refused?

I'm looking to convince a couple of local vendors to accept Bitcoin Cash for their services (coffee shops, restaurants, etc.). In order to pre-empt their potential reservations, what were the reasons for failed attempts at getting local adoption?
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Bitcoin Cash Vendors?

Curious about adoption of vendors who accept Bitcoin Cash. When Bitcoin was just getting started we got coinmap and Bitcoin Black Fridays to help find and reward vendors who accepted the cryptocurrency as payment.
Bitcoin Cash is now in a similar place and could really benefit from compiling and promoting a vendor list. Are there any concerted efforts to build and maintain one now?
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Seed sellers in Oregon

I've found several companies selling seeds in Oregon. Have any other Oregonians ordered from someone local? How did the seeds arrive? Results from the seeds? Any problems germinating?
I've bought previously through Gorilla seeds, but would really prefer to not wait for international shipping. Also, vendors who accept bitcoin are a plus.
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[Ask Bitcoin] In a word, Bitcoin is...

Hi Devil's advocate here,
I'm a bit confused by Bitcoin and this post will come as a two-part question. Here's the first part.
Part 1
In a word, Bitcoin is...
Not currency. I know that's two words but what I'm trying to get at is if YOU could use one word to describe bitcoin what would it be? I don't think it can't be 'currency'. I'm also not an expert in anything related to this subject (comp sci, cryptography, finance, payment systems, etc.) so if I'm wrong don't hesitate to educate me.
The reason I believe it isn't a currency is because of how one pays for things using Bitcoins. I assume the process goes something like this:
Buyer, wants something and also wants to pay in Bitcoins, meets vendor who accepts Bitcoins and has something of value to sell. Before the buyer actually exchanges his Bitcoins for whatever product or service the vendor has to offer they both look at the current spot price of Bitcoin to whatever is their native underlying currency - lets use dollars.
The buyer and seller want to make a deal at a mutually agreeable price right? Well in order to do so they still need to compare it to actual dollars. So in this way Bitcoin seems to be like a high tech blockchain payment system. If I want to buy a hamburger and the vendor tells me it's $5 I reach into my wallet and spend $5. If he accepts Bitcoins and gives me a price in Bitcoins I first need to do the math in my head to see if it amounts to $5. By the same token the vendor needs to make sure his Bitcoin price doesn't put him under severe exchange rate risks to his $5 price. In buying a hamburger with Bitcoins, the Bitcoin's underlying value is the dollar currency. So Bitcoin isn't a currency and just a payment system..right?
Part 2
This also leads me to my second question. I believe that digital currency has the potential to become a currency (redundant use of 'currency' but I think it's necessary). By this I mean I believe one day when I want to buy the same hamburger neither the vendor now I will have to do any mental math or spot price Googling to figure out if the price is reasonable because our underlying currency is Bitcoin.
And this may be more of an economics question but what attributes of the dollar are different than that of the Bitcoin which makes the dollar a currency but Bitcoin a payment system? This is all under the assumption my Part 1 analysis is correct.
Thanks Reddit
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How To Setup Coinpayment How To Get Free Bitcoins 2017 The Amazon That Accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Company: Bitplaza Inc Coinero - YouTube Easily accept bitcoin

What companies, merchants, online stores accept bitcoin payments? BTC was created to become the currency of the new generation. The good thing of using Bitcoin is that fees are much lower than credit card services or other traditional payment methods. Bitcoin transactions are final and confirmed in the blockchain. That is why BTC is gradually deserving recognition from both corporations and ... However, bitcoin payments are not yet accepted through their mobile website. What’s more: Overstock allows customers to use other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and the new Bitcoin Cash. 6. Travel (Source: Paybis, Paxful) There are now quite a few travel companies that accept bitcoin. You can use ... Companies that now accept bitcoin payments include Microsoft, Dell, Wikipedia, Twitch, Greenpeace, Expedia and PayPal. The figures, compiled by leading bitcoin payments processor BitPay, also ... Despite that, the ranks of retailers and services that accept Bitcoin are growing. According to Coinmap.org, there are nearly 15,000 venues all over the globe where you can purchase goods and services using Bitcoin, The actual number ... Biggest Companies That Accept Bitcoin 1. Microsoft. At a $900 Billion valuation, Microsoft is among the largest companies in the world. The tech-giant started accepting Bitcoin back in early 2014 when the Bitcoin price was still hovering at around $300.

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How To Setup Coinpayment

Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining. They can be exchanged for other currencies, products, and services. As of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted ... Steve Wozniak interview: Blockchain technology, AI, Crypto, Bitcoin BTC Halving 2020 BTC Promo LIVE 6,011 watching Live now Top 5 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Without ID - Duration: 3:17. In this video guide, we'll explain how to accept Bitcoin payments on your WordPress site in the easiest way on your Woocommerce online store: beauty, simple,... Multi Alt Coins Wallet with instant inside exchange Bitcoin and Fiat currencies. Coinpayments ... Accept Crypto Coin Payments - CoinPayments net - Duration: 5:43. Crypto Freedom 15,550 views. 5:43 ... A merchant accepts bitcoin - it is simple and quick.