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Bitcoin on KOMO

Hey guys, I run a food truck in Bellingham called the WAFL STOP. We are one of the first businesses in Western Washington to accept Bitcoin and were contacted by KOMO because they want to do a story on it. They will be visiting us this Friday (11am) at Kulshan Brewery in Bellingham. I know it's a drive, but I figured I'd extend an invitation to anyone that wants to help get BTC on TV in Washington by coming up and getting a delicious waffle. We offer a dollar off for BTC purchases. Hope to see you there!
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Bitcoiners of Bellingham

Hey guys, I run WAFL STOP, a Gourmet Belgian Waffle food truck in town. We accept Bitcoin, and were recently contacted by a reporter from KOMO doing a story on BTC. He is visiting us this Friday, 10am, at Kulshan Brewery to witness some transactions in person. If you want to support Bellingham Bitcoin, get a delicious breakfast (20% discount for BTC, but cash is, of course, always welcome), and possibly be on the news, come on down to Kulshan this Friday. Hope to see you there!
Oh yeah, we take Dogecoin too.
Edit: We'll still be opening up at 10, but the reporter won't be showing up until 11.
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WWU Bitcoiners

Hey guys, I run WAFL STOP, a gournet Belgian waffle food truck in town. This Friday at 11am we will be opening up at Kulshan Brewery and being visited by a reporter from KOMO. He wants to do a story about Bitcoin merchants in Western Washington and we're one of the first. If anyone here has Bitcoin (or wants to see a transaction in person) I would like to invite you to check out the truck this Friday morning. It will help get Bitcoin some exposure, and you get 20% off for purchases made with BTC. Hope to see you there!
Oh, and we accept Dogecoin as well :)
Edit: Reporter changed times, he'll be showing up at 11.
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[EU] [UK] LEM - LF "Serious" UK Team Read text please ^^

Hey guys,
I wont pretend im actually any good, i never concider myself actually good at CSGO, im a LEM, (Just ranked up from LE! Wahoo!) and im looking for a CSGO team to take it to the next level, to work together play CEVO and FACEIT (Im against ESEA because of how they bitcoin mine your machine :( ) I want to improve as a player, and get better and maybe when im (ALOT BETTER) Play in LANS and such, but for now im looking for a team that will work together, learn and get better together.
My only restriction really is 18+ and DMG/LE+, as previously stated i dont actually think im any good but i can learn any role for a team.
Oh and im 21 years old and English, East midlander
Hit me up!
I hope i didnt sound like too much of a.... idiot. I hate sounding big headed ^ Peace and thanks for reading.
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Tokens de Presearch. Cómo y Cuándo cobrarlos. Nuevas políticas para efectuar retiros.

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