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"Nobody is using Bitcoin Cash!"

I just saw this video clip of Bitcoin Core thought leader John Carvahalo in which he says "even though the blocks are bigger, nobody is using Bitcoin Cash."
Scrolling through the last week or so of this BCH news feed on Telegram, here are just a few recent developments that demonstrate that not only is Carvahalo totally wrong, but that there is a whole lot more activity happening on Bitcoin Cash than on his Lightning Network obsession:
All of this stuff just happened in the last week or two! ('m sure I've missed things, please comment other developments below.
Meanwhile in the world of Lightning Network:
tl;dr The people who constantly repeat the nonsense claim that nothing is happening on BCH are either clueless or deceitful.
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[Discussion] TestFlight Public Beta Links V2

EDIT: I'm really baffled as to why there are people downvoting this. You're only preventing other people on the sub-reddit from seeing this by doing so. Think about other people who have been looking for some of these links for months before you downvote this post for zero reason.

New Thread for y'all!

Here are the TestFlight links I have come across so far. I will update this continually as I find more and as you guys post more. Happy testing!

Tip: Use Ctrl+F to find links to your favorite applications quicker

If you like what you see, feel free to Venmo me! I just graduated college and will have to start paying back loans soon, so anything is extremely appreciated. Feel free to send me your username too, if you want a shoutout on this post!

Venmo: MichaelBertolino

Old Post:

Update #1: Added column for the people who wanted to know when new links were added. You're welcome.
Update #1.5: I will remove the links after every tenth link that is added, so make sure to check the list daily!

Update #2: Since this list is becoming a lot bigger, I'm adding a column for apps that I endorse (whether I like them or not) or have on my phone, so that people can find better quality apps quicker.

Up to date as of 10/24/19 @ 10:05 AM EST
Date Added OP approved // On My Device Application Link Sauce // Instructions
Yes // Yes Faster Internet Courtesy of u/rgllm
1Blocker X Courtesy of u/loudmoutholeary
Yes // No 1Password Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
2Do - Todo List, Tasks & Notes Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No 9GAG: Best LOL Pics & GIFs Courtesy of u/jengyong
AdGuard Courtesy of u/Birdman-82 // Form
all 4 hue (for Philips Hue) Courtesy of u/bkmgtpe
Area51: A Client for Reddit Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
Airchat for AirPods Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Airmail Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
AmazFaces Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Andrana Project Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No AnyList Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Armajet Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form. Scroll down to bottom
Artstudio Pro: Draw Paint Edit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Banana Racer Courtesy of u/potencia2001
Yes // No BBC Sport Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Beatwave Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No BETA PUBG MOBILE Courtesy of u/suuuuuuuuja
9/18/19 Binfinder: Find litter bins Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
Yes // No Buffer: Social Media Manager Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Bullet Force Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
CARROT Fit Courtesy of u/loudmoutholeary
9/29/19 Castro Podcast Player Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Cs Music Player Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
ChastiKey Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
CHUNE Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Cloud Baby Monitor Courtesy of u/alexrianne
CoinView: Bitcoin Altcoin App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Comet Courtesy of u/Cesuva
Controller for HomeKit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Custom Contacts 2 Courtesy of u/RisksvsBenefits
9/29/19 Dark Odds Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Darkroom – Photo Editor Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Day One Journal Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Debit & Credit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Deezer Courtesy of u/K2rtman Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
DEV Community Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Discord Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Dog Scanner Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Yes // Yes Dropbox Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
9/18/19 Yes // Yes Email - Canary Mail Courtesy of u/kamsa6-fojbiz-nesXem
Emma - Money Management Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Eternal Love M Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Facebook Light Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
Yes // Yes Facebook Messenger Courtest of u/dmbaio
FanFiction.Net Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Feedly Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Fenix For Twitter Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
FIFA: Gameplay First Look Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Fight Back to the 80's Match 3 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Firefox Courtesy of u/syralspiral // Requires an E-Mail Address
FotMob Live Soccer Scores Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Freebox Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
GAMEE - Play with your friends Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Garadget 2 Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
GawkBox Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
GROM - Get Rid of Minions Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No GroupMe Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // Yes Google Apps (Every. Single. One.) (Best find ever) Courtest of u/ryangoldstein // Click on "Get Access" at the top right of the screen
Yes // Yes Google Chrome Beta Courtesy of Yours Truly // Click on "Download Chrome Beta" on an iOS device
Guide Meditation Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Happy Mail for Gmail Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Hexer – Hex File Viewer Courtesy of u/Kamik423
Highlights - Export PDF Notes Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Yes // No Hire by Google Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Home Assistant Companion Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
iCertifi Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Idle Space: Cargo Empire Courtesy of u/Ultimastar
Yes // Yes IFTTT Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
Yes // No Imgur - Meme & GIF Maker Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
infltr - Infinite Filters Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
iSH Shell Courtesy of u/gnomeuser
Yes // No Jira Cloud by Atlassian Courtesy of u/thekirbylover
KARMA: Social Network For Good Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Yes // No Kaspersky Security Cloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No LastPass Password Manager Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
LFIX Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Map Pilot for DJI Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/3/19 Maze Machine Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Mega Courtesy of u/Nicolaspatate
9/19/19 Memento: Modern Reminders Courtesy of u/kamsa6-fojbiz-nesXem
Yes // No Microsoft Cortana Courtesy of Daniel Rubino from Windows Central
Yes // Yes Microsoft Edge or See Right Column Courtesy of u/DarkUv77 & Yours Truly // Go into the settings within the Microsoft Edge browser and look at the middle option for "Join Microsoft Edge Beta" and badda-boom-badda-bing
Yes // No Microsoft Excel Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // Yes Microsoft OneDrive Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Microsoft OneNote Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft Outlook Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft PowerPoint Courtesy of Yours Truly
Yes // No Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta Courtesy of u/Rukario
Yes // Yes Microsoft To-Do Courtesy of u/DiegoNavarro
Yes // No Microsoft Word Courtesy of Yours Truly
Mojo - Create Video Stories Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Momento - GIF Maker & Creator Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Moonscape - Crypto Tracker Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Musixmatch Lyrics Finder Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
MyPal Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Netwa - spy for Whatsapp Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No The New York Times Courtesy of u/sushiinyourface
Nextcloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
NoiseHub Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/3/19 Yes // No Notability Courtesy of u/jraspiprojects // Form
NotePlan - Markdown Calendar Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
NSScreencast Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Omlet Arcade Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Onedox: For household bills Courtesy of u/CashMc1234
Yes // No osu! Courtesy of u/151010
Overcast Courtesy of u/Kamik423
ownCloud Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Parcel - Delivery Tracking Courtesy of u/KvasiSide
Password AR Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
PDF Expert 7: PDF Editor Courtesy of u/Icy_Instance
PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDFKit Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Phosphor Courtesy of [deleted]
Yes // No Plex Courtesy of u/Birdman-82
Yes // No Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Pushover Notifications Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Pythonista 3 Courtesy of u/HarryLafranc
Yes // No Quizlet Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
Rad Trails! Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
RainViewer Storm Radar Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Reddit (Ayyy!) Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis // Form
RetailBox Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Revolut - Radically Better Courtesy of u/liamdaly
rIPTV Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
RoomScan Pro Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Screens Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
SHAREit - Connect & Transfer Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
SideCoach Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Signal - Private Messenger Courtesy of u/yxkillz
Skies Of Chaos Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Skype For iPhone Courtesy of u/Suavechef
Yes // No Skype For iPad Courtesy of u/Suavechef // May need to initiate beta from an iPad
Yes // No Slack Courtesy of u/TSUTiger // Form
Sleep Cycle alarm clock Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Slide for Reddit Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // Yes Snapchat Courtesy of Yours Truly
Social Dummy Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Speck - Web Playground Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 SpeedCN - 海外VPN网络加速器 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // Yes Spotify Courtesy of u/mainhathao
Status - Ethereum. Anywhere. Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
10/24/19 Stop Motion Studio Pro Courtesy of u/mitarm
Stream Status Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Stripe Dashboard Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
sudo crabs Courtesy of u/Thumbender
Yes // No SwiftKey Keyboard Courtesy of u/khaskin
Tapatalk - 200,000+ Forums Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Telegram Messenger Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Tik-App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
tippin wallet Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Yes // No Todoist Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
TouchViZ Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
TrackMyTour Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Trello Courtesy of u/CashMc1234 // Form
Truecaller Courtesy of u/adriank1410
Yes // No Tumblr Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
TV Time - #1 Show Tracker Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes Twitch Beta Courtesy of u/ImFirstPlace
Yes // Yes Twitter Courtesy of Yours Truly // Form
Unwrap - Learn Swift Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
USA Jeans Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
9/18/19 Vevue_Beta 2.0 Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Vipps Courtesy of u/RobinBaerheim
Voxel Max Courtesy of u/voxelmax
10/24/19 Courtesy of u/dreamdorian
Wasder Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // No Waze Courtesy of Yours Truly // Form
Weather Atlas • Weather Radar Courtesy of u/arcangel_06
Weather Up ▴ Courtesy of u/Suavechef
Yes // No WhatsApp Courtesy of u/CashMc1234
Yes // No WhatsApp Business Courtesy of u/stalker08
Yes // No Whiteboard Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
Yes // No Wikipedia Courtesy of u/Vegetapple
WireGuard Courtesy of u/gnomeuser
Yes // No Wordpress Courtesy of u/TSUTiger
World Clock Time Widget Courtesy of u/lasmit
Yes // Yes Xbox App Courtesy of u/Fvck_Tomat0es
Yes // No Xbox Game Pass Courtesy of u/Birdman-82 // Form
XP App Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Yes // Yes YouTube Courtesy of u/J7LTH // Form
YTCount – Subscriber Count Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
Zap - Lightning Wallet Courtesy of u/BillyCurtis
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⟳ from Wed, 26 Feb 2020 20:21:50 GMT updated on Sun, 01 Mar 2020 05:23:29 GMT contains 2962 apps.
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A pleasant surprise

So, a couple years ago I was pretty big into trading bitcoin and other cryptos. I had the metatrader enabled account with the 5:1 leverage and all the best niche technical indicators, price chart widgets on my phone set to update every minute, twitter feeds for all the good pump 'n dumps, all that. Actually paid my rent for a few months that way. And then at some point, life happened, and I had to cash out.
Just recently I finally became financially stable again. I went to reactivate all my old dormant accounts to make a conservative investment and hodl. Sad to see BTC-E gone, I loved those sketchy Russian freaks.
Anyway, I logged into coinbase, and lo and behold, I had a balance estimate of $57.03. It turns out that the $2.37 in change that I left in my account as BTC had appreciated in value, significantly, earning me a nice little bit of pocket change. That little moment really brightened my day.
I wanted to share this with you because I learned a very important life lesson when I was trading full time, and it's stuck with me to this day.
Be happy with the small wins.
It would be really easy for me to open that account up, see that $57.03, and think "Man, if only I had hodl'd longer, I could be rolling in dough right now! I should have waited! This sucks!"
I did a lot of pump and dumps. For those unfamiliar, a pump and dump is where a bunch of people all buy an obscure altcoin all at once to drive up the price, and then quickly unload it to capitalize on the short term gains. But, since most of the traders involved are the ones operating the pump and dump, in reality it's basically a ponzi scheme at supersonic speeds.
What I learned from those is that the people who make money on those are the people who buy in at the start, wait for the price to rise 5 or 10 percent, and then cash out. The ones who loose money are the ones sitting there, seeing they're 30% up, and being unsatisfied sit there waiting for 31%.
The lesson here is that greed ruins people. It causes people to make stupid trades. It makes people feel like shit when they buy in right before a dip, or obsessively execute dozens of trades trying to get the exact high point of the day.
Before I had $2.37. Now I have $57.03. That's a nice night out with my beautiful girlfriend, or a week's worth of groceries, or a water bill I don't have to worry about.
I could torture myself thinking about how of I had left $6 in there, it'd be $100. Or if I had left $100, it could be $2,500. But you know what? I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna be absolutely thankful that I got about $50 for doing absolutely nothing.
So, remember that guys. Little wins are still wins. Appreciate life, be thankful for what you have, hodl those coins, and don't let it bother you that you didn't buy in or cash out at the perfect moment.
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[MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT] BLKFeed V1.0 is here! Finally, full transparency and all pertinent information all in one place! Surprise, BlackCoinTalk.Org LAUNCHES TODAY TOO!

*Looks about that time....
Oh man, what a wait this has been. Every since the idea for BLKFeed was first conceived with Project Gotham -- things have moved rather quickly. First of all, big shout out to WulfCastle who worked jointly with us; we were able to create an awesome user experience. When we first sought out to create BLKFeed it was so that the community would have a hub to get all information. In this decentralized world we're creating, a centralized platform to get all the latest info is a must for the time being. This initiative is to help support the community and the BlackCoin Foundation in keeping everyone informed, and ease the efforts of getting the word about about new developments.
So what do we get with the launch of BLKFeed and the newly revamped Forum? Well lets see...
Official Site URL:
*BLKFeed has been tested on many browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE, FireFox, PS4, Tablets) It should look great and run on most all modern browsers. If you encounter a bug let us know. *Might I suggest trying it on the PS4 while you're gaming? Awesome way to quickly check the price.
Updating News Tiles: Never miss an update. Been at work all day? School? Fighting crime? Well come back, open up your PC and visit BLKFeed to stay up to date on any new announcements live as they come. You can click the view more button to get linked straight to the content thats being alerted. Its a great way to soak up all the news really quickly if you're behind (and its easy to fall behind in crypto)
Live Updating Price Widgets: These widgets are in support of current exchanges that use BC. In the future these widgets will be custom configurable and you will be able to pick and choose which exchanges to list as more exchanges add BC and have an appropriate API to pull information. In the coming future as the BC Centric exchanges launch (contact us yourstruly) we will be implementing their information by default. Also listed currently is the buy pressure for the BlackCoin Pool for the day (Approximated) Below that will be the additional buy pressure for the BlackCoin centric exchanges as the time for their release nears.
BlackCoin Merchants: This section will go live in the coming days. But, essentially it will have information about different merchants and services that accept BlackCoin (exchanges, shops, etc) and you can then be linked to said service/shop/etc right from the page in a new tab. No more lurking around for BC related merchants. Just have to finish entering in all the info before this goes live.
IRC Chat: This is the built in IRC Chat that you can utilize while on the site. We have a custom style for the IRC that we will be implementing very soon as well, just need to get an issue sorted for a VPS (if you have one let us know). But this is straightforward -- chat on IRC while you're on the site. Don't have to leave the page because all the good stuff is already on the page. This is great for live discussion.
Reddit Section: This is a tool that pulls all the most recent Reddit posts from the sub-reddit straight into BLKFeed, this makes it so you can quickly link to a thread from within the site, or quickly see what topics are currently trending. We were going to originally implement our own customer reddit-esque platform, but felt it pointless to compete with Reddit, we already love it so much.
Projects Page: This page serves as a constant reminder of all the Projects we are currently working on. You can get information in regards to the current projects/completed projects in development. You can also see a progress bar as the project nears completion. Clicking the view more option will give you additional info in regards to the project. This page will change a lot. No more having to poke about to get all the latest news!
Official BC Forums: This is big. Bitcoin has bitcointalk, and now blackcoin has their very on blackcointalk built ontop of BLKFeed. Here is where we will post static information regarding the BlackCoin Foundation. Talk to each other, post your worries, post questions, ask the Foundation questions. And most importantly learn about Memberships with the Foundation I invite you to check it out, the forums are very sexy. We hope everyone uses this as opposed to the bitcointalk thread as time goes on for more semi-permanent discussion.
Twitter Integration: Whenever someone uses the twitter tag #BlackCoin that tweet will come right into the feed! Allowing you to get all up-to-the-minute news from various BlackCoin channels right from the site without ever having to leave. Great for the folks who despise twitter too, but still want to get the benefit of the news. Very straightforward.
There are various links to the BlackCoin Foundation, BlackCoin Wiki, and the BlackCoin Map located at the bottom as well for quick navigation for more info regarding BC.
This is only Version 1.0. Additional improvements and features are in the pipeline. There will be additional color templates to choose from, additional widgets, and added functionality as we move forward.
For any inquiries regarding BLKFeed feel free to ask either Maarx or myself and we will do all we can to assist you. We all worked very hard on this and we really want you to take it for a spin and see if you love it.
This all started as an idea in my mind <2months ago:
Thanks to Maarx and WulfCastle BLKFeed was able to see the light of day.
I'm so happy that a community like this exists where I can take a passion and an idea and turn it into a utility that the community can use and appreciate. <3 everyone in the community.
McKie, Maarx, WulfCastle
We truly hope you enjoy this. If you wish to show your thanks, perhaps consider donating to the BlackCoin Foundation. It is with funds provided from the Foundation that all this was possible. With your help we can continue to bring you services like BLKFeed even faster, and with even more features! Thank you
Please post any known bugs below :D
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Welcome Thunderclappers!
Quark evolves the electronic payment process with two key features - it is Faster and more Secure than Bitcoin!
By now you may have heard of Bitcoin - it is an electronic store of value that is limited in quantity, and is able to be used as a mean of electronic payment.
Quark is a digital payment system based on the Bitcoin code, but with key upgrades in its technology. These innovations will allow it to serve its users needs in a rapidly emerging marketplace that uses digital money or “cryptocurrency”. Digital money is revolutionizing money transfer - in the same way that e-mail revolutionized the way we communicate. Digital money allows us to pay worldwide in a safe and secure manner with minimal fees and without a need for a currency exchange. Importantly, Quark and other digital money is being rapidly adopted into online stores, and will be soon available in traditional stores through payment providers like Moolah (
Quark transfers in a blink and is safe by its technical design:
Faster - The Quark network can create payment confirmations starting within 30s; by comparison, the bitcoin network takes approximately 10 minutes to create its first payment transfer confirmation.
Secure - Quark builds on Bitcoins' already robust security by taking its base encryption algorithm and adds 9 rounds of encryption.
The Quark Community is ecstatic that you have chosen to JoinUs and is announcing two breaking news stories:
1) Quark Announces a Partnership with the Innovative Development Team behind Shaq-Fu: The Legend Reborn - Quark to be offered as a Means of In-Game Payment! Additionally, through our Support, Quark will be Introduced to 8.2 Million Shaquille O'Neal Fans!
The Quark Community proudly announces a partnership with the talented and innovative game developers behind the upcoming crowdfunded game Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn (! Our group is extremely pleased to announce that we will be working closely with the developers to enable Quark as an in-game payment option! Our group looks forward to a strong and mutually beneficial partnership with the great people behind this game. Additionally, we are very excited that as a result of our support to the game, we will be introduced via twitter to 8.2 million Shaquille O’Neal fans, with an accompanying YouTube video! The Quark Community looks forward to meeting Mr. O’Neal’s fans and hopes that they will join us in Reinventing Money together.
Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is a remake of a classic 1990’s beatem-up video game featuring none other than future Hall of Fame NBA Center Shaquille O’Neal in an epic battle of physical prowess against hordes of evil-doers. The current development team is out to re-design everything utilizing modern technology and gameplay dynamics - should be awesome!
The Fu is strong with this one - Shaq recently threw the gauntlet at Kung-Fu legend Bruce Lee - we look forward to seeing the coming showdown hopefully in-game!
2) Quark Digital Money Partners with Moolah to provide Fast and Secure In-store and Online Payment Solutions!
The Quark community is ecstatic to partner with Moolah, which is an emerging leader among cryptocurrency payment platforms. They offer a full service payment platform, which allows for: - Direct USD to digital money (cryptocurrency) exchange - Merchant cryptocurrency payment portals - online and in store (in progress) The feature that Quark is especially excited about is their upcoming in store point of service payment devices. The Quark community believes that Quark is the perfect partner for this technology due to its inherent speed - with Quark, it will be possible to transfer payment and get initial confirmations within 30s instead of the minimum 10 minutes that Bitcoin needs. This will allow for in store payment for everything from small purchases like coffee, to large ticket items like furniture and home theatre merchandise in a Fast, and Secure way. Additionally - if you're a merchant, charity organization or anyone else, and want to accept Quark and any other cryptocurrencies as payment with direct conversion to USD, please get in contact with Moolah.
In Partnership with Moolah, Euro/Quark and GBP/Quark will be upcoming, so that Europeans will be able to participate in this exciting new service.
Other services offered by Moolah:
Prelude - Exchange services are offered allowing for direct exchange of USD/Quark as well for other cryptocurrencies! Exchange between cryptocurrencies at Prelude in a highly secure manner, with a company that has proven dedicated to building trust through transparency of practice.
Digipay - Web browser extensions which allow for the use of cryptocurrencies on major websites like Amazon!
MitM - Escrow services for those times when both sides need absolute certainty to protect their investment.
We are proud and very excited to team with Moolah and hope to establish a strong and rewarding relationship. Please show your support and learn about this rapidly developing leader in cryptocurrency payments here:
Quark in the Media:
Wall Street Journal:
Fox Business News:
BTC38 News:

JoinUs by:

1. Join our reddit group, quark forum or bitcointalk thread and feel free to ask any questions or get involved with our community initiatives!
Important initiatives:
i) Quark Labs! -
A brainpool of creatives who work on visuals and promotional material. Come to our reddit and ask to join!
ii) Quark Universe! A collaboration of Quark community members on the IRC - Whose mission is to bring in new Quark supporters, answer all
Quark related questions, provide people with information, support new projects, and help with Quark distribution. These guys have put a tremendous effort into creating how-to tutorials and have frequent Quark giveaways! Available on the IRC! Website and IRC access to Quark Universe can be found at:
iii) Quark 1000! - Partner with Quark and help to organize and contribute to a great cause or charity organization! Contact GettinQuarky for details!
iv) Quark Planet! -
Started out as a small planning bulletin board for a comprehensive website for ALL Quark related info in support of ( including video library, Ticker, Links, News feed, yellow pages etc)--Now evolved into a full scale collaborative effort of Quark Community members on many Quark Projects--Collaboration with Quark Universe is underway!
v) Quark Roar -
A Chinese Quark Press/Information platform which gathers all the talented and devoted Quarkers- Together we will bring the best information about Quark to the billions Chinese speaking audience around the world.
2. Download the wallet for PC, Mac or Android!
Getting started page here:
Windows Wallet:
Mac Wallet:
Android Quark Wallet(beta)
3. Visit our Exchange website here in order to find an exchange for more Quark and see tutorials!
Major Exchanges:
Quark - USD Moolah - Prelude Quark - CNY BTC38 Quark - Euro LiteBit Quark - Pounds Bittylicious
Quark - BTC BTER Quark - LTC Cryptsy
4. Use Quark to make Fast and Secure payments with no transfer fees to all of the great merchants listed here and check out moolah too:
5. Accept Quark donations for your charity organization with our easy to integrate widget here!
6. Donate to Quark Foundation to help support infrastructure development!
● QLrpaRNv6r6VNEy1GENiHwAtmX9T51MBrt
7. Follow us on Twitter!
● @Quark_QRK,
● @QrkFoundation
● @QuarkPress
8. Follow us on Sina Weibo!
● @QuarkRoar
9. Follow us on Facebook!
● Quark.Currency
Other ways to support Quark. Support our Friends!
One of the true pioneers in their support of Quark is the company All Things Luxury, which is a well established online retailer that has been a huge proponent of cryptocurrencies. In their own words:
“All Things Luxury carries a vast selection of jewelry, precious metals and other products. We are a well established website and business that receives a significant amount of traffic and we are a leader in getting our fellow businesses to accept Crypto currencies as an alternative form of payment. Likewise, we will be pushing for our peers to now accept Quarkcoin.”
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Are there any twitter widgets that you can set to specific hash tags like #bitcoin?

So I've been trying to figure out some of the best ways to keep up on bitcoin news as it's happening and found that twitter is actually pretty good way to do it. I've never used it before because I've never need to know what Kanye is having for dinner... Or whatever it usually is used for. But what I want is to dedicate a page on my phone to about 4 live feeds of different hash tags so when someone is #bitcoin or #worldcoin ect it will show up without me having to go into twitter. I have their widget but it only seems to be the people I'm subscribed to. Let me know if you guys have any idea of an app with a widget like this.
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How to use HTML widget to add Twitter feed on your Wix ... Embedding a Twitter feed into a D2L Widget How to Embed Twitter Feed Widget on Website - YouTube How To Create a Twitter Widget For Your Website - YouTube How to Add Twitter Feed to HTML website (2020) - YouTube

Bitcoin Ticker - Tick by tick, real time updates. All data is indicative. Options Last Updated: seconds : Time between graph updates : ms: Play sound on each trade . Round Bids/Asks to 0.500 . Animate Depth Movements . Highlight BTC bids/asks above : Alert if price falls below: Alert if price climbs above: Alert if price change +/- : Sound Alert . Desktop Alert . Show Personalized Content ... Twitter: Bitcoin-Scam überflutet den Kurznachrichtendienst. von Felix Frank Jul 15, 2020 22 Kommentare. Twitter wird derzeit anscheinend von einer großen Betrugswelle heimgesucht: Zahlreiche ... Twitter fans: 8,979; Alexa rating: 22,696; 99 Bitcoins is one of the most popular websites and blogs about Bitcoins. It aims to close the gap between the technological aspect of Bitcoin and newbies using of a non technical blog and simple tutorials explained in laymen terms. 99 Bitcoins also operates the subdomain 99 Affiliates which aims to be the most comprehensive source on the web for ... Twitter-Hack: Das steckt hinter dem Bitcoin Scam. Und plötzlich werben Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Kanye West und die gesamte Krypto-Elite mit einem Bitcoin-Scam. Unfreiwillig, versteht sich. Unbekannte hatten es in der Nacht zum 16. Juli geschafft, ins Sicherheitssystem von Twitter einzudringen und sich bestimmten Tools zu ermächtigen, die die Verbreitung des Scams ermöglichten. Der „Deal ... Share our Bitcoin News widget or display the Bitcoin Mining pool hashrate. View our simple setup instructions. Bitcoin Widgets. Embed widgets on your website. Widget Examples. Scroll to the bottom of the page for installation instructions. Box shadows can be disabled with the bw-noshadow="true" option (see the first price chart example below) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Chart Widget < div class ...

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How to use HTML widget to add Twitter feed on your Wix ...

In this video, we will show you how to use Twitter feed with Elementor page builder by Elements Kit widget Addon. Twitter Widget for Elementor Page Builder. ... Add Twitter Feed to HTML site in less than 2 minutes - How To Embed Twitter Feed Widget - Duration: 5:11. Tamal Anwar Chowdhury 8,127 views. 5:11. Replace a color in artwork within Illustrator - Duration: 1:45. BrianWoodTraining 180,993 views. 1:45 ... Update - Since I made the video Twitter has moved things about... find the widget creation page here (make sure youre lo... How to use HTML widget to add Twitter feed on your Wix site