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Check out Part 2 of our first Skycoin Official AMA with Synth

Enjoy Part 2 of 2 of the Skycoin Official AMA with Synth for March, 2018. Part 1 is posted here.
How will skywire stop centralization such as massive skywire node forwarding servers, like with the current internet?
There will be more competition between pools in Skycoin than there is in Bitcoin. If that problem occurs, then we will deal with it, we have strategies and models in place to handle this potential scenario.
How will it stop whales building humongous skyminer pools in massive cities such as New York that will forward all the nodes in that city?
If a whale wants to come in and invest 1 billion dollars, to take control of the internet service for a whole city, then it will only make Skycoin grow faster. If it becomes a problem like what is happening for Bitcoin right now, then we have plans in place to handle the issue.
The miner pools can only be so abusive in Skycoin, because if the pools are too abusive, then other people will switch to smaller pools that give them a better deal.
How do you solve mining for bandwidth? What is to stop an attacker putting two routers next to each other to print money?
This is of the reasons why Skycoin will work and we do not think we have any viable competitors. We know how to solve this problem.
The short answer is that we are not paying users for bandwidth. Users are paying each other. So if you put two routers next to each other in a loop, then you are paying yourself for your own bandwidth! So you are not printing money. It is the same as moving money from one of your wallets, to the other wallet.
Skycoin does not “print money”. There is zero inflation. It is a closed loop economy.
Our mathematical models show that if the network is not running in closed loop, that you can always game the system and eventually botnets will take over all of the rewards.
There is another way we found, which uses a bandwidth credit system and later we can build futures and derivatives markets. Since bandwidth is scarce, but is wasted if not used our algorithm allows a certain amount of fraud (acceptable loss ratio) to be factored in but mathematically guarantees that the fraud stays below a certain threshold. There is a maximum amount or upper bound a node can get away with, before it detected and the other nodes stop working with the node.
Basicly, eventually the nodes have a reputation system and nodes prefer other nodes who follow the rules over nodes that try to engage in bandwidth fraud.
We have a simple working solution for the testnet, then we will start building up the full solution, which will also improve the network performance a lot by directing most of the rewards at trustworthy nodes with a high uptime, lower latency and higher bandwidth capacity. The node reputation system will take a bit of work, but will allow us to do a lot of new thing with QoS and routing.
Since the people using Skywire resources depend on those resources to report what happens to the outside world, how do you stop adversarial actors from defrauding users using information asymmetry between the users and the blockchain? How do you do this without an enormous amount of overhead?
Adversarial actors are a major problem in any system where anything of value is concerned.
If you do not have a solution for fraud, then bots will come in and steal all the money. Imagine you are running a poker site with 100,000 humans on it. Then someone floods the poker site with 1 million bots (who are better at poker than humans). The bots are going to steal all the money from your users and they will leave (because they are only losing now and the game is not balanced anymore).
If you tell people “I will give you money for running this computer program”, there are people who control 15 million computers and they will just run the program on their botnet. All of the money will goto the bots.
Skywire solves the bot problem by a sort of peer-to-peer whitelisting protocol. We do not let people flood the network with bots. Each node maintains a peer list and if you want to peer a human has to add the peer on both ends by hand, so it’s harder for a botnet to come in and try to take over.
People, because they are social, will peer with people they know personally (their own social network or communities). It’s designed so that people with high quality, hand curated peer lists will have a significant advantage over someone who peers with 10 million slow botnet computers, running on laptops running windows XP. Also people who own dedicated hardware will also have much better performance metrics and will be rewarded more than botnet computers.
The overhead for the record keeping is only 2% to 6% of the total bandwidth in the network, depending on how long the sessions are and the specifics. So the overhead is at the same level as for the existing internet.
Why did you use Orange Pi’s, that have their NIC on a USB 2.0 bus, for the hardware in the Skynodes?
Ideally, for security, the NIC should not have DMA (Direct Memory Access). USB 3.0 is a nightmare. USB 2.0 is bad and USB 1.0 is actually better (more secure, but slower).
The NIC drivers or firmware usually have a lot of dangerous security problems.
We are designing a custom PCB and there are several security, cost, design issues that do not have a clear best solution. The NIC is on the USB 2.0 bus, primarily because that is what the chip supports and because of cost.
What is to stop the cable lobbyist and the FCC who have already proven they will go against the will of the people from banning skywire? Couldn't they stop people from getting access to the backhaul and outright outlaw the entire concept? When I asked on the Telegram everyone dismissed the concern and said 'its impossible to stop us, look at the darknet'. And while that is true, for skywire to work don't you need widespread normie adoption? What percentage of people would actually run this if they banned it?
There are many, extremely wealthy and powerful groups that are being squeezed out by the FCC and the internet monopolies. There are some surprising large and powerful players that will support (publicly or clandestinely) any project that gives them some breathing room from the telecom squeeze out.
We want them to try to ban Skywire. That means we are winning.
You have to understand the context of the FCC and the cable companies.
The cable companies were forced to be very aggressive and remove net neutrality and start using mafia extraction tactics against companies like Netflix and Google, because of earnings pressure. The cable companies all have declining revenue because people are using the internet for video and are “cord cutting”. The CEOs and management are desperate to keep their stock prices up and slow down the earnings decline.
The CEOs of the cable companies are under extreme pressure to increase earnings in the short term, but are using tactics that will create a lasting long term backlash. The CEOs will increase earnings, they will see their stock prices go up, they will cash out their options and retire to the Hamptons. The backlash will be the next CEOs problem.
Skywire is global and the FCC only matters in the US. In Europe there is much more diversity in ISPs and you wont see the type of battle and resistance they will put on in the US.
The cable companies are dying. They are the dinosaurs whining and moaning before the meteor impact. Fighting technology innovations like Skywire is part of the process of the demise of these telecom monopolies, but it is not something to worry about.
If they are attacking us, it means we are winning. We will be ready.
Do you have an estimate for when coin hours will have value and be tradable?
We are working on getting the exchange up, but it will need to wait until the testnet. First we will make coinhours tradable, then we will open them up for exchange.
How, in simple terms, do coin hours prevent spam?
The more they spam, the more scarce and expensive the coinhours become. If someone spams or attacks Skycoin, the Skycoin price will actually go up.
Since there are only a finite, scarce number of Skycoin and each Skycoin generates a fixed number of coinhours per hour; then coinhours become scarce and valuable. They put a price on transactions.
An attacker or spammer has to ask “Should I just sell my coinhours for money or should I spam and lose money?”. Eventually the spammer will use up all of his coinhours and then will have to buy them from someone else to keep spamming. Eventually they will even drive the market rate of the coinhours up, until the spamming becomes so expensive that they run out of money or give up.
On telegram you wrote coin hours are meant to be volatile if I'm not mistaken. Will this be a problem in the future?
It depends. By shuffling volatility from Skycoin, to the coin hours it makes Skycoin more valuable as a store of value and as a currency for transactions.
We want people to spend coin hours. If Skycoin is going up everyday 5% a day, why would you spend it? If we priced the bandwidth in Skycoin, the whole network would shutdown because everyone would just be hoarding their Skycoin instead of spending them! That is why we introduced coinhours.
Coinhours solve the problem of hoarding and gives people a currency which they are encouraged to spend. Skycoin is a better store of value because there is no inflation, while coinhours are better for transactions because they have an inflation rate that encourages people to spend them.
The market cap of the Skycoin coinhours could actually be higher than the market cap of Skycoin under some conditions.
Everyone is very excited to see what the price coinhours settle at. People are betting on the market and cannot wait to trade and speculate on the coinhours (either dumping them before they go down to zero, or hoarding them incase they go up 500x). I was surprised at how excited people are about the coinhours.
Are there any more coins launching on skyledger soon you can talk about?,, SPACO,, and more...
I have been so busy with Skycoin I cannot even keep up with the new ICOs.
We are opening up the platform now and more people will be launching coins that I could possible keep track of. We should probably have a registry to track the Skyledger ICOs.
Will it be easier to launch coins on skyledger in the future? Any other skyledger updates?
Yes. We have a script now for launching new coins!
In 30 seconds you will be able to: Create your coin Have your ICO software running to collect money Have the coin automatically listed on an internal exchange (instead of waiting 8 months to get listed on some mega exchange) Have mobile, desktop and hardware wallet support Skyledger is getting a rebranding and its own marketing team. We have several flagship coins in development, that will help alot for Skycoin marketing.
Synth mentioned months ago in the telegram chat that Obelisk was still in development, when and how will the algorithm be tested and release? How are the actual transactions validated if obelisk is not the algorithm used?
We have done several simulations. There are several peer reviewed academic research papers published about it. There are open source simulations in the github repo.
The exchanges are worried about us enabling the full consensus algorithm without enough testing. We have to do a lot of testing before we turn everything on.
Currently the exchanges forced us to use a masternode dev check-point system. Over time, we are going to make extensive changes to the node and keep minting on the checkpoint system, while rolling out everything. Then after extensive testing, will roll out everything in stages.
The testing of the new features and stages, needs to be done on a smaller coin (other Skyledger coins) before being rolled out to Skycoin. Skycoin’s market cap is too large and we have to be cautious about bugs and not rolling out new code before its tested.
The dev check-point system is a compromise that allows us to test new consensus algorithms, while protecting the exchanges. If the exchanges lose money from a bug and lose $200,000 in Skycoin then we have to pay them for the lose basicly.
The exchanges are all short-staffed because of massive user base growth. They are taking weeks sometimes to upgrade the Skycoin node version, after we release a new version. We have to carefully coordinate our release and upgrade schedules to minimize exchange downtimes.
The short answer, is; we can roll out everything in a few weeks (if we had to). Everything is tested and ready to go. However, because of the exchanges are overloaded, we have to roll it out carefully in planned stages, with a months notification for any changes.
I think everything will be in place by the end of the year, but the Skywire testnet is taking a lot of development resources, so we will push it back if that means Skywire gets launched faster.
Also, then we are always improving things. So even after it “done”, its not really done. It always need more developers working on it and improving everything. We think “one second transaction are fast enough”, then someone comes in with a video game they want to put on blockchain and suddenly we need 200 ms. The demands are endless.
When all of this work is done, it will also mean that we have the best blockchain platform. So we need to have a marketing event built around this. It may not make sense to do it in the middle of Skywire launch mania, because we can only handle so many things at once.
News like this, we also have to make sure we release it into an upward market, when a lot of people are paying attention to innovations in blockchain technology. It would be wasted if we released big news or features, when people were not paying attention.
What's in store for Skycoin this year?
To many things. Everything. All at once. Its crazy.
We are opening a hardware incubator, which is the most exciting thing for me. I think we will not see the real applications of blockchain until we get blockchain into the physical world.
Where do you see this project in 5 years, where in 10 years? (What is your long term goal?)
We are moving so fast. I could not imagine that we did as much as we have, in such a short time. I cannot even keep up with how many things are in development now.
The goal this year is to demonstrate real world applications of blockchain technology. To bring blockchain to the physical world and make it tangible.
The goal in five years is to make blockchain obsolete and to create what comes after blockchain. We are experimenting with a thing we have started to call the “Fibre”. I do not think innovation will stop at blockchain.
The third generation of coins is going to be post-blockchain and want to be a leader in this area.
How long before I can buy a coffee with Skycoin?
As soon as I buy a coffee shop, lol.
When the community try to bring more people to skycoin, specially those with big money, we have to face the fact that the time locked distribution is not auditable (or it is?) is there any strategy to calm the doubts about the distribution method (the developers hold the majority of the coins/ are the only ones able to mint coins)
One of the advantages of blockchain is that all of the transaction are public. So the distribution schedule is auditable. Skycoin’s distribution is completely public. The distribution addresses are also public. So it is very transparent.
There is an api endpoint here with the distribution addresses and information updated in real time
In your blogs you are talking about the possibility of a ninja announcement that burns 80% tokens. That means it will be only 20 mil sky. So, in which circumstances devs would do that?
If we can find a closed loop, economic model for Skywire, that does not require a 15 or 20 year distribution period. Then we will burn the coins. Then the distribution would be capped at 30 million instead of 100 million.
Right now, we need the coins held aside for infrastructure investment, to grow the network and maintain the project.
There are some future components, that could eliminate the need for infrastructure fund and enable the network to be self-financing. Even if we get these components in place, what it means is that the infrastructructure fund will just allow us to grow even faster! So we might still not burn the coins.
You cannot underestimate what it will mean if we are investing 100 million dollars a year of coins into growth. This is the fuel that drives the growth of the ecosystem, so it does not make sense to “burn” the fuel. If there are more projects we can invest in, to grow faster, then we should do that.
In your opinion, what is the best exchange for buying Skycoin right now, and why? And on what other exchanges will Skycoin be listed, and when?
C2CX is good. Cryptopia is also good but withdrawals are slow.
We will be listed on larger exchanges this year, but cannot give details. We signed contracts but the exchanges grew from 1 million users to 8 million users in a few months, so their technical teams are overloaded. Listing a new coin can take 6 months after signing the agreement now. We are doing all we can to expedite the process.
Will the Kittycash platform be advertised across cat loving forums and the like?
What will the value of legendary kittys be in 2019?
People are spending 1 or 2 Bitcoin per legendary kitty now. Kitty Cash had to stop selling legendary kitties, because fifty people were trying to buy each kitty and too many people were trying to buy them at once.
When will SKY be listed on new exchanges?
We were listed on four new exchanges this month. Wolfcrypto, Next, and two other exchanges. I cannot even keep track of it.
We signed contracts with the largest exchanges, but are still waiting for technical integration and we signed contracts not to disclosure information about specific exchange listings.
The exchanges are very overloaded right now, with technical problems from user growth and also from hundreds of coin ICOs that all want to be listed at once. Millions of people per month are registering on the Bitcoin exchanges now and the exchanges are overloaded. It can be a six month waiting list for listing now, after contracts have been signed, so we are just waiting at this point. However, big exchanges are coming soon.
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AMA Answers Week 2 - 02.06.18
This week our offline AMA is back! We had to postpone this last AMA due to the busy schedule of the aelf team with the blockchain week in NY!
I can’t start this off without sharing one of my favourite submissions:
I have no questions. I just want to say ‘I love you’! – Tuan Dau Dinh
This comment seems to resonate throughout the community and shows the support that has grown behind this project.
As I’m sure you could imagine this made it difficult to pick the top 10 questions and we know there are some great questions we have not answers this week! But we have done our best and below are our answers to the questions selected for this week.
1) If you had one sentence to explain Aelf to someone who doesn't even understand the basics blockchain technology, how would you do it? - Mappinus
Every city has a Central Business District (CBD) to support all the businesses running the city. aelf is creating a CBD for blockchain, but it won't have traffic jams (Congestion - Sidechains), it won't run out of space (Scalability - Cloud Nodes) and it will never have outdated technology (Ever Evolving - All Consensus' accepted)... Oh and the people vote for what gets put in the CBD to best suit everyone (DPoS).
2) I noticed a lot of these next-gen platforms are working on Speed and Scalable. How is aelf addressing the issue of Speed? Other than just the issue of congestion. Transactions per second? - Andrae
The whole team have a focus on performance/scalability in general so everything is being built with that in mind. I can't talk about the TPS at this point in time, we will be able to disclose more information closer to testnet.
3) I am wanting to know could you all actually show us how to run a program on the block chain and can anyone run a program on aelf’s block chain or do they have to get approval thanks? - Blu
This can be addressed when the testnet is released in Q3 2018
4) If a company wanted to have transaction speeds of 5,000 to 50,000 transactions per second, how would aelf be able to accommodate this type of speed on a side chain? - Andrae
By allowing a sidechain to utilise the resources of the main chain and cloud nodes, speed will be maximised as it will no longer be dependent on the slowest computer (node), in other words there will no longer be a weakest link. In addition to this, by keeping each sidechain separate, we can ensure no congestion from one project will affect any other sidechains. Should the company want to secure their own processing capacity to guarantee a certain TPS at all times, it could create its own sidechain, restrict the access to other users and delegate its own nodes, thereby creating a public internal sidechain. The nodes they delegate will have to meet their processing power requirements in this case, and the cost would be higher as these nodes will serve limited number of users, but will ensure a consistent access and performance for all users of that sidechain.
5) Tell about your plans for the near future. Maybe couple of years? - Nikita
For 2018, aelf will focus on developing the infrastructure. With the release of the testnet, aelf will actively be working on business development, attracting companies and developers to try out the testnet. In 2019, when the Mainnet comes live, aelf will work with corporations of various sizes to help implement blockchain into their networks with the help of and as a part of the Innovation Alliance. We believe that 2019 will be an exciting year for the blockchain industry as a whole. Solid use cases will manifest and aelf hopes to be at the forefront of the movement.
6) what is his future aelf vision? and what will be done for aelf to have a bigger market? – Alif Budiawan
Aelf's prime objective, vision and goal is the commercialization of blockchain. We want to create a platform that can provide the power and the flexibility as a blockchain network, such that companies can implement and deploy blockchain with greater ease and at lower risk.
7) Does AELF consider the Scalability of Bitcoin transactions to be a serious problem? If yes, does AELF have a solution to this problem in the future? - Jack
Yes, aelf is trying to solve exactly this limitation. The current blockchain technology uses linear processing with low transaction speed and limited scalability, which result in high gas fees and time to confirm transactions. aelf proposes a solution to optimize the performance. Each aelf node can be a cluster of computers working together under a parallel processing algorithm creating a system that is easily scalable and more powerful than conventional single computer nodes. The Main Chain adopts DPoS consensus protocol to ensure high TPS and predictability of Block formation.
8) If I want to start a crypto exchange, how can you help me with technology? – Prateek Sharma
There shouldn't be any reason this can't happen on the aelf network. Our Development team can discuss the specific details of this closer to testnet release in Q3 2018.
9) Will blockchain technology help create a fairer society? – Lee Brennan
Blockchain indeed is here to help create a fairer society. First of all, blockchain allows asset ownership and transactions to be conducted via a trust-less environment, eliminating the risk of single party wrongdoing. Secondly, blockchain allows contributors from the globe to participate and rewards are automatically distributed based on smart contract. This significantly reduces cheating in wealth distribution. With all these attributes, people could use Blockchain to ensure their wealth will not be taken/misused by others, and their honest behaviour and efforts will be fairly rewarded by the system.
10) Can I have an aelf shirt? - Sam
We are exploring merchandising options. Keep your eye out as we will be updating you all soon!
Since there were so many great questions, we felt there were too many that shouldn’t be left out. As such we have something special for you all. We have selected 2 questions to be listed in our surprise section. These questions will remain unanswered until next week’s post. But the twist is that we want you to comment with what you think the correct/best answers are. The 5 closest responses to the actual correct answers will be added into the next week’s post (& awarded with 1 or 2 aelf tokens – if approved by team).
But before we move onto these questions we need to present the answers for the previous AMA Interactive Episode questions! Thebeatminer and D4Thule had some great guesses to these questions. There were 3 questions listed:
1) What are the ages of our leadership: Chen Zhuling & Ma Haobo?
Actual answer: Both of them are turning 30 very soon. The team itself consists of enthusiatic members ranging between 20s and 30s
Thebeatminer: Old as Jeffery Wernick yet young as Blockchain Technology!
D4Thule: 27 and 28
2) What is @floris-jan favorite activity besides aelf?
Actual answer: If I'm not busy with crypto I'm playing PC games - Fortnite, Rocket etc, studying or having fun with friends
Thebeatminer: I didn't know there were any activities not tied to elf in some way!
D4Thule: Snowboarding while drinking coffee
3) Which animal is aelfie?
Actual Answer: aelfie is a mysterious spiritual creature; that is, its origin is difficult to pinpoint. While some suspect it comes from the dinosaur family, while others argue it is an animated form of aelf logo. Either way, it is certainly a loveable creature that has been spread throughout the world and into the hands of aelf supporters
Thebeatminer: ælfie is a Super Hero Anime Hodlr... Period!!! He represents and postures for æ and Blockchain in general. He has many friends and loves everyone equally! I can't wait for mine to arrive.
D4Thule: A baby aelf dragon
Now onto this week’s questions:
1) Are Chen Zhuling or Ma Haobo friends with Vitalik Buterin/Da HongFei/Jihan Wu/ Roger VeSatoshi Nakamoto? – S T
2) What will be the maximum amount of side chains indexed on the main chain? - Mike
Remember to comment in the following format:
1) ‘answer’ - if you are answering the first question or…
2) ‘answer’ - if you are answering the second question
Answers which are not in the correct format will not be counted.
If you would like to submit your own questions, the AMA form can be found here
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Personal opinion on incremental/idle games

This is a personal opinion. I will repeat the important part: PERSONAL OPINION. I am in no way an ultimate source for never changing truth. I will not defend my opinion until the day i die, but i will stand behind every single word i put here, so you can call me out on anything you disagree with.
First of all, i have played a lot of idle and incremental games. Idle game is self-played game that requires a very little interaction of a player, usually a 0-player game or a game where you click only once to have the game roling.
The incremental game is something that requires either strategically clicking on X, or buying a new thingy to progress further.
Usually both games are used together to create an Idle Incremental, or "click click click idle reward" type of game.
Now, what kind of ideas, games, gameplays, models and features i enjoy in games and which ones i would love to just throw out of the window? And why the hell should you even listen (<= figure of speech, reddit doesnt have that feature yet) to what i am telling?
Lets start with the latter thing: I am one of the original beta-testers of Anti-Idle: The Game. That was the first time i started "playing" Idle games. That was about 2-3 months before the game reached Kongregate. Since then i have played the good, the bad and the downright retarded games. I have experience in reviewing games, events and books as i look at things critically.
If you are interested in hearing more about me, just message me, i come here daily, this topic is not about my life, but about what i think makes a game "good", "bad" or "ugly" (yes, i am not old enough to see the movie when it was released, but i like it a lot)
Lets start with features:
First features are what i consider basic 3 As. Autosave, Achievements, Ascension. I am not saying your game will be shit if it is missing the latter two, but every game that hopes to get something done in a long time should have at least Autosave.
I am a fanatic for achievements. They provide a certain sense of achievement (meta joke) and progress, as if you are going to a certain goal and you will finish the game when there is no achievement to unlock.
Ascension is more known as prestige, but i prefer to keep the theme. When you reach a point when the game becomes a grind, you just prestige and postpone the grind. If you get a currency that will serve purpose X and purpose Y (like in Tap Tap Infinity it either gives 10% DPS bonus or some other bonuses)
Now, that is what makes a game. Not a bad game, not a good game, it is just a game. What makes good games and what makes bad games?
Idea. This is something that everybody knows. I have billion ideas per day and most of them would either kill me, send me to jail or change the opinion of public. Ideas are nice things, but the execution is important. People will make shit games. That is how we learn to improve. Why did nobody ever make a self-constructing game that starts as a shitty game and turns into gold? Because that is what every game is. I have seen a self-constructing game here, then a copy and then both dissapeared with creators as well. Good idea, poor execution.
Telling ideas to other people is worthless. "Would you like a game with dinosaurs with lasers riding a black heavy metal unicorn?". All will want it. Showing something to the people will save you some time if you want just to show an idea. There was only one time i voiced my opinion on this matter and that was when the game was having a racist idea.
Now, what makes a game a good game? There is no universal formula. Graphics are not important, there are a lot of games with poor graphics or no graphics at all. Minecraft is a shitty graphics game. It is just an example, i have seen enough Minecraft/mining idle clones in my life that i become annoyed by it.
That brings me to the next topic: The theme. Cookies, mining, bitcoins are over-done. Looking for an original idea is probably like looking for diamonds where there is none. Everything is invented. Nothing will be original without being a re-skin of something else. Even Sandcastle Builder was just a generic incremental, but they kept adding new stuff and made it a mess that is very enjoyable to play once you figure things out.
Upgrades bring a very nice addition to the game. The problem is when the weakest item becomes completely obsolete. When i am making Oc of money, adding few B to the lowest thing is worthless. I play the games in a very special way: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500, 750, 1000 of a closest SI unit. So i will buy until i get to 1k, then 2k and so on. As for upgrades, i go with 5x buy cost. So 5k, 10k. The prices are not important, the important thing is significance. Usually people try to avoid this problem with X-lowest thing adds 0,nothing to Y-higher thing. Not exactly bad idea, but i would prefer if i reached a certain amount, it would unlock something, like a new theme, or something, feel free to imagine possibilities.
Paradigm shift. Something that makes very little sense. You are firmly standing on a carpet, earning nonillions (i love my SI units) of currencies and then a dev comes and swipes the carpes from your feet with a new currency that makes the old one obsolete. Incorect execution will make it a mess, correct one will make it a good mess. With Sandcastle Builder you have at least 10 currencies. Sand, Castles, Glass, Diamonds and so on. When you reach infinite Sand and Castles, they dont lose their use. They just shift their usage to a different way. Infinite sand and castles are used to spawn rifts (i honestly dont remember what happens, but lets pretend it does that), which help you with getting some other resource. Make old currencies be useful.
Ads and mega-transactions are good for the dev and annoying to most users. Donating is a good thing. The other two are annoying and a bad business model in my opinion. Having to close ads on my Android tablet is becoming a nightmare. Have a splash screen at the start where the loading bar is with the ads all over it, but dont disturb me every 5 minutes with begging for me to close it. Megatransactions are okay-ish, if you can get there with normal gameplay. More prevalent on mobile devices, where you must root the thing to get autoclickers running, you can buy them. NO! I dont want that to be there for one simple reason: If i cant get it in long time with normal gameplay, it should not be there.
Logging/registering for a game. In my opinion a very questionable idea. Some people like it, some dont. If you are hell-bent of having people to register, not everybody will agree with you.
Now, that is something that makes a good game. What makes a game an exceptionally good game?
Lets take a look at games that are on top of the list, in no order of importance (i used Kongregate as a guide for getting some games): Clicker Heroes, Tangerine Clicker, Anti-Idle: The Game, Adventure Capitalist, Sandcastle Builder, Cookie Clicker and the list goes on and on. Those are the successful games. Do you think you can make a game like that? Why not? Because you dont have skills? Everybody has a skill. You might not be the best dev in the world, but you have a talent in drawing. No drawing skills? Maybe you can write. Not even that? Well...umn...there is something you have beyond the idea. And i am sure that somebody here would help you. Either they would provide answer or a tutorial.
What makes a good game is not a game itself, but the developer. Those people have continued to update their games and the audience has found its way. Game about clicking on shit will not attract audience. Well, not the one you want at least. Also, how you present the game is also important. I can give you the worst idea i have and you would like it. But that is an aquired skill, i worked on it for very long time. You must be confident with your work, accept criticism, listen to the people and work on your piece of whateverness you make. You will fail. You will make mistakes. Your game will crash, delete saves, act in weirdest ways possible and it is your job to fix it.
Why are games failing to suceed? Look on old topics of this forum. Like really old ones. The devs decided that their game is either too big for them, too broken, too bad and refused to update it anymore.
Make your game fun, enjoyable and make fun of yourself a bit in the process. The game got broken a bit and it crashed? Oops, i guess adding a spring to the game will fix it (of course, you should fix the problem itself, but the user should not see your patchwork). The game has a huge memory leak? Add a water tap as one of the upgrades that reduces the amount of bugs (and for the love of god, fix the damn problem as it is very painful to hear my high-end computer scream from a browser game).
That is about it. I know you expected to see a formula that will work for everybody. I have just gathered things i like in games, things i dont like in games and if it helps even one single dev with their game, i will be delighted. If you read through the whole thing, i apologize for killing your time with reading this. Also, it is not the game that captures people hearts for a long time, it is dev being active. The Monolith is a cute game, but because the dev is not doing any kind of support for either browser or Android version, the game loses its charm and quickly left my device.
One thing you should never forget, regardless if you are a dev, player, artist or whatever part of this "industry". It is just a game. The dev is just a human. Yelling at him or praising him to heavens is equally useless. If you dont like something, say it. If you like something, say it. Even in life i find it good if somebody says that i am good at talking after a presentation. Equally, when somebody corrects me, it is not an attack on my person, but it is their way of trying to show me how to improve myself.
And now, let me tell you a secret. Because you suffered through all of the text i had written in past hour and reddit probably broke the formatting at least once, i will share something with you. YOU dont create games for YOURSELF. YOU create games for the audience. YOUR criticism will change the meta of the "industry". Go through some topics, find what people like. I am an expert, a try-hard, a veteran of idle games, one of not many. Are you making a game for tryhards and people who played years of idle games OR are you making a game for wide audience? I will find my game, be it your game or not, but if the audience doesnt, you are done. So make a game that the audience likes. And last thing: YOU are also the audience.
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Many Bitcoin Miners Are at Risk of Turning Unprofitable, they will go bankrupt, and after two weeks bitcoin difficulty gets adjusted and mining is easy again, just as designed. So the problem is not really a problem for people that understand how the system works. But it's far easier to bikeshed about electricity, gpus and everything related to cryotocurrencies but not the topic submitted. There are bitcoin mining calculators that you can use to calculate the break-even point from a bitcoin hardware investment. Step 2: Get Your Bitcoin Mining Wallet . Bitcoin is a digital currency so you will need a digital “wallet” where you will receive and store the bitcoins that you have mined. You also need a bitcoin wallet to send and receive bitcoins. When signing up for a bitcoin ... Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Could Be a Very Profitable Business Model. Tam Hunt outlines the compelling economics for using solar to supply Bitcoin mining operations. TAM HUNT SEPTEMBER 11, 2017. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now a major business, with the global market capitalization of these coins exceeding $170 billion at their recent peak, according to Coin Market Cap. Bitcoin ... The emergence of cryptocurrencies launched several new types of entrepreneurs: crypto investors, crypto traders and miners. The latter are responsible for maintaining blockchain development and operation. Thanks to mining farms, the network calculates transactions and new coins are emitted. However, the structure of currencies such as Bitcoin include a gradual reduction of rewards for ... Where i can send solutions to get reward? I can find new block in solo mining but don't know where ... mining-theory mining-reward solo-mining. asked Jan 7 '17 at 17:15. Oleg D . 35 7 7 bronze badges. 2. votes. 1answer 310 views Keeping valid shares for it's own when mining in a pool. How does a mining pool insure that the miner who will find the valid share for the current block will not use ...

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What is bitcoin and bitcoin mining ? what is cryptocurrency ? bitcoin price In Hindi

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